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Ways to contribute and serve this ministry

Learn how you can become involved as a grader and provide feedback and encouragement to prisoners.

Opportunies exist to provide financial support to the ministry with a single gift or an ongoing basis.

Our ministry and our students need prayer support to have an effective impact for the Gospel of Christ.


Volunteer Your Time

Write-Way currently has over 40 volunteers serving at 34 branches in Texas and Louisiana.

If you are local to the Dallas area

You can become involved as a grader at Write-Way by returning this form to the Write-Way office.  You or your church must commit to pick up and return exams on a weekly basis at the office in Garland, TX. Other clerical and data entry opportunities are available for working in the office and mailroom at Write-Way.

Serve as a remote Branch of Writeway

Your local church may apply to be a "Branch".  This allows exams to be sent directly to the your Branch for grading and comments.  Each Branch posts the grade and assigns a new course using GradeSys Pro before returning the exam to the student.  New courses are automatically sent from the main office in Garland.

See "Write-Way in Twelve Minutes" for additional detail.

Financial Support

The average cost to send and grade one course is $5.  
Therefore, WriteWay relies on the generosity of supporters to continue
sending course to the 7,000 students currently enrolled in our program.

One Time Gifts

Send one time gifts made payable to Write-Way Prison Ministries to the address at the bottom of this page.  

Online Giving

One time or recuring donations may be made online through GIVEDIRECT. 

Stock Donations

Stock donations avoid capital gains on your return and can be made through Believers Stewardship Services, Inc.


Prayer Support

He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit;
for without Me you can do nothing. (John 15:5)

Please Pray for Our Ministry

Prayer keeps us in tune with the work our Lord is doing through us and is critical to the effectiveness of any ministry.  Please pray that our students will continue to grow in the love, grace and mercy of Christ as they feed on God's Word daily through our courses.

Student Prayer Partners

Submit your e-mail below to receive monthly prayer requests from our students mailed at the first of the month to all subscribed prayer partners.  

You may unsubscibe from this mailing by including your e-mail and typing "unsubscribe" in the Message box..


Write-Way Prison Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 461582
Garland, TX 75046


Email:   wpm@writewaypm.org
Phone: 972-840-9798
Fax:      972-864-9692